Artificial Intelligence Entry Points

We understand that getting started with artificial intelligence within your business can be challenging. Stealth Technologies has develop a number of proof of concepts that can be used to evaluate artificial intelligence within your business, reduce the risk and provide a soft entry to the world of artificial intelligence.

The two biggest challenges to AI adoption were found to be a lack of a clear AI strategy and lack of talent with appropriate skills.

McKinsey, 2019.

The four biggest barriers to adopting AI within an organisation are fear, shortage of talent, cultural barriers and lack of strategic approach.

Forbes, 2019.

Proof of Concepts would be designed to suit your organisations and designed around common solutions that utilise artificial intelligence technologies including machine learning.

AI Assessment Perform an initial assessment of your business and identify business functions or processes that could be assisted by AI.
POC an existing AI Model Develop technical AI services identified in assessment with an existing AI model.
POC a custom AI Model Develop technical AI services identified in assessment via custom AI model.
Document classification Documents can be classified and indexed using AI. This allows users to search for documents accurately.
Sentiment Analysis Natural language processing on documents determining if the general “feel” of the document is positive or negative.
Image Classification Develop custom services that can classify and caption images or run object detection.